Bosch - Anti-splinter guard for jigsaws

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  • The anti-splinter guard effectively prevents tearing out on the top of the material. All you have to do is insert it into the sole plate. Another tip: It is best to saw with or diagonal to the grain
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Technical data

Product text, Accessories grey PQ, pcs Part number

Anti-splinter guard
Appropriate for GST 14,4 V; GST 18 V; GST 75 BE; GST 80 Professional; PST 650; PST 650 L; PST 680 E; PST 680 EL; PST 700 PE; PST 800 PEL; PST 900 PEL; PST 1000 CE


2 607 010 079

Pack quantity (PQ): Content of the sales package of a part number in pieces.

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