Bosch - Router bit set

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Technical data

Contents Packaging Product text PQ, pcs Part number

1 roundover bit with ball bearing;
1 core box bit;
3 straight bits;
1 edge forming bit with ball bearing.

Plastic case with printed sleeve with Euro hole



2 607 019 462

2 roundover bits;
1 laminate trim bit;
1 chamfer/laminate trim bit;
2 core box bits;
3 straight bits (2 flutes);
1 edge forming bit;
1 V-groove bit;
1 dovetail bit.

Plastic case with printed sleeve with Euro hole

12-piece TC router bit set (dia. 1/4" shank)


2 607 019 465

Pack quantity (PQ): Content of the sales package of a part number in pieces.

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