Changing the Tool

The dust protection cap largely prevents the penetration of drilling dust into the tool holder during operation. When inserting the tool, make sure that the dust protection cap does not become damaged.

Remove the application tool.

Insert the adapter into the holder (1). Turn the locking ring (9) until it audibly engages.

The SDS-plus drill chuck enables you to change the application tool easily and conveniently without needing to use additional tools.

  • Insert the application tool all the way into the holder of the locking sleeve.
  • Check the latching by pulling the tool.

Push back the locking sleeve and remove the application tool.

You can swivel the auxiliary handle (11) to any angle for a safe work posture that minimises fatigue.

  • Turn the lower gripping end of the auxiliary handle (11) anticlockwise and swivel the auxiliary handle (11) into the required position. Then, turn the lower gripping end of the auxiliary handle (11) clockwise to retighten.

Make sure that the retaining strap of the auxiliary handle slots into the corresponding groove of the housing.

You can use the depth stop to set the required drilling depth X.

Press the button for depth stop adjustment and insert the depth stop into the auxiliary handle (11).

The fluting on the depth stop  must face upwards or downwards.

  • Insert the SDS-plus drilling tool to the stop into the SDS-plus tool holder. Otherwise, the movability of the SDS-plus drilling tool can lead to incorrect adjustment of the drilling depth.
  • Pull out the depth stop until the distance between the tip of the drill bit and the tip of the depth stop corresponds with the desired drilling depth X.

Remove the application tool.

Unlock the adapter in the direction and pull it off the holder (1).