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Expert for Inox Grinding Disc

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Expert for Inox Grinding Discs

Expert in Inox Grinding Disc for impressive lifetime and maximum safety on Inox

  • Aluminum oxide abrasive grain, functional fillers, additives with phenol resin bond matrix suited for Inox applications
  • Free from ferrous, sulphurous and chlorinated fillers
  • Precision-manufactured fibreglass fabric for especially high disc stability and maximum work safety
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Product descriptions

The Expert for Inox Grinding Disc provides an impressive lifetime on Inox with maximum safety. Its premium aluminium oxide abrasive grain, selected functional fillers and additives in a modern phenol resin bond matrix are particularly suited for Inox applications. The grinding disc is free from ferrous, sulphurous and chlorinated fillers. Furthermore, its precision-manufactured fibreglass fabric ensures especially high disc stability and maximum work safety. It is intended for grinding Inox. It is suitable for use with hand-held angle grinders.

Product range

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2 Available product variations
Part number Specification Diameter mm Bore diameter mm Thickness mm Pack quantity
2 608 620 690
WA 60 T BF 100 16,00 2.0 1 Pcs
2 608 602 267
WA 24 R BF 100 16,00 6.0 10 Pcs
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