For Grinders and Polishers


For small angle grinders, For large angle grinders with locking nut

Handle is suitable for left- and right-handed operators

  • Compatible with all small Bosch angle grinders and compact belt sanders with an M10 fitting

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For Left- and Right-Handed Operators

Handle is suitable for left- and right-handed operators

Variant Overview

Available product variations: 2

Part number Tool Compatibility Pack quantity Price
1 602 025 024 GUF 4-22 A, GWS 9-125 S, GWS 13-125 CI, GWS 13-125 CIE, GWS 15-125 CIEP, GWS 17-125 CI, GWS 17-125 CIE, GWS 17-125 CIT, GWS 17-150 CI, GWS 18V-125 C, GWS 18V-125 PC, GWS 18V-125 PSC, GWS 18V-125 SC, GWS 19-125 CIE, GWS 1000, GWS 1400, GWX 9-115 S, GWX 9-125 S, GWX 10-125, GWX 13-125, GWX 13-125 S, GWX 14-125, GWX 15-125 PS, GWX 17-125, GWX 17-125 S, GWX 17-125 T, GWX 17-150, GWX 18V-10 C, GWX 18V-10 PC, GWX 18V-10 PSC, GWX 18V-10 SC, GWX 19-125 S Professional, PSF 22 A, PWS 6-13 1 Pcs Find a local dealer
2 602 025 075 GNA 3-5 Professional 1 Pcs Find a local dealer

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