Cordless Dust Extractor GAS 18V-10 L Professional

Mobile vacuuming re-defined: Now with full power!

9,630.00 PHP Recommended retail price excluding VAT.

Technical data
Additional data
Battery voltage* 18   V
Weight excl. battery* 4.7   kg
Suction hose nominal width 35   mm
Filter surface area* 2,375   cm²
Max. airflow rate (turbine) 24   l/s
Max. vacuum pressure (turbine) 90   mbar
Container volume, gross 10   l
Container volume, net 6   l
Container volume, net, water 6   l
Dust class of wet/dry extractor L  
Dust class L  
Operating time 18 V 4   mins/Ah

* Highlighted Data


Mobile vacuuming re-defined: Now with full power!

  • Sustained suction power for a longer period of time thanks to its Rotational Airflow Technology
  • Easy transportation & handling thanks to its lightweight and compact design and to the “Click and Clean” interface
  • Broad variety of applications thanks to its bagless design for wet and dry usages, and to the many accessories


Bosch Heavy Duty Bosch Heavy Duty - Power, Performance and Robustness redefined!
Sustained suction for a longer period of time thanks to rotational airflow technology
90 mbar
24 l/s
International Protection Marking x4 protected against splash water
10l gross container volume
Click & Clean System – 3 great benefits A clear view of the work surface: You work more precisely and faster
Harmful dust is extracted immediately: Protects your health
Less dust: Longer lifetime of tool and accessories
Battery charge level indicator shows the level of remaining battery charge
Free hands thanks to strap loops on which the vacuum can be hung
What’s Included in this Package *
with accessory set
with accessory set
Order number: 0 601 9C6 300
  • 1 x 1.6 m hose 2 608 000 658
  • 1 x elbow pipe 2 608 000 659
  • 3-piece suction pipe set 2 608 000 660
  • 1 x crevice nozzle, 250 mm 2 608 000 661
  • 1 x floor nozzle 2 608 000 662
  • 1 x flat-pleated filter 2 608 000 663
9,630.00 PHP Recommended retail price excluding VAT.

* Battery and charger not included

The GAS 18V-10 L in action!
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