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GBA 18V 2.0Ah Professional

Battery Pack

GBA 18V 2.0Ah
GBA 18V 2.0Ah

The lightweight 18 Volt Compact battery with 2.0 Ah and COOLPACK technology

  • COOLPACK technology for up to 100% longer lifetime compared to battery without COOLPACK
  • Lightweight for even more comfortable work, especially in overhead applications
  • Professional 18V System: 100% compatible with all Bosch Blue Li-ion tools and chargers within same voltage class

Functions & key features

No self-discharge, no memory effect and a higher energy density thanks to Li-Ion battery technology
Optimal protection of the cells against excessive heat due to special, heat conductive housing
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GBA 18V 2.0Ah Professional 1 600 A00 1CG
5,190.00 PHP Recommended retail price including VAT

GBA 18V 2.0Ah Professional

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5,190.00 PHP

Recommended retail price including VAT

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Technical data

Additional data

Battery voltage 18.0 V
Weight 0.35 kg
Battery capacity 2 Ah
Battery dimensions (width x length x height) 75 x 113 x 39 mm
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