Rotary hammers

GBH 2-26 DRE Professional

Rotary Hammer with SDS plus

Faster than a speeding bullet – The all-rounder for daily use

  • Superior drilling rate in the 2 kg hammer class
  • Rotation stop for chiselling
  • Impact stop for drilling in wood and steel

Functions & key features

Bosch Heavy Duty Bosch Heavy Duty - Power, Performance and Robustness redefined!
Easy and precise control of the RPM thanks to variable speed
Protection of the user and the machine in case of overload or binding No abrupt blockage of the tool by unlatching clutch dogs and minimizing torque
Forward / reverse rotation for inserting and removing screws
Optimal power transmission for small hammers

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  • in carrying case with depth stop
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16,320.00 PHP
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in carrying case with depth stop 0 611 253 704
16,320.00 PHP
Recommended retail price including VAT

GBH 2-26 DRE Professional

Your Selection

GBH 2-26 DRE
in carrying case with depth stop

Order number: 0 611 253 704

16,320.00 PHP
Recommended retail price including VAT
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Included in this variant

  • Carrying case
    Order number: 2 605 438 098
  • Auxiliary handle
    Order number: 2 602 025 141
  • Depth stop 210 mm
    Order number: 1 613 001 010

Technical data

Performance data

Impact rate at rated speednull 0 – 4,000 bpm
Rated speednull 0 – 900 rpm
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GBH 2-26 DRE

GBH 2-26 DRE Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The GBH 2-26 Professional is the all-round performer in Bosch’s SDS plus corded rotary hammer category, making it ideal for daily use. It delivers 2.7 J of impact energy, providing fast drilling and high chisel removal performance. Reliable and robust, the rotary hammer’s high-quality components also ensure a long lifetime. Its optional chisel mode enables use in a wide range of applications.

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