Hand-held circular saws

GKS 18V-68 GC Professional

Cordless Circular Saw BITURBO

GKS 18V-68 GC
GKS 18V-68 GC
GKS 18V-68 GC

Better than a corded saw – best performance with full flexibility

  • Maximum cordless cutting performance, fully equal to corded 1,800 W due to new BITURBO Brushless technology
  • Outstanding ergonomics, due to a new auxiliary handle concept which ensures perfect control in all cutting positions
  • Ultimate simplicity, thanks to a comfortable and intuitive depth adjustment

Functions & key features

Bosch Heavy Duty Bosch Heavy Duty - Power, Performance and Robustness redefined!
Reduces the hazard of sudden tool reactions in binding conditions thanks to automatic shut-down of the tool
 Individual Speed Setting
Direct tool feedback and setting adjustments thanks to the integrated user interface and connectivity features.
 Eco-Mode: Power supply is less than in standard mode

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  • in L-BOXX 238 with Parallel guide (1 608 190 007)
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in L-BOXX 238 with Parallel guide (1 608 190 007) 0 601 6B5 100

GKS 18V-68 GC Professional

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GKS 18V-68 GC
in L-BOXX 238 with Parallel guide (1 608 190 007)

Order number: 0 601 6B5 100

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Included in this variant

  • L-BOXX 238
    Order number: 1 600 A01 2G2
  • 1/1 L-BOXX inlay for tool
    Order number: 1 600 A01 S9X
  • 1 x circular saw blade, Expert for Wood, 190 x 30 x 1.5 mm
    Order number: 2 608 644 513
  • Parallel guide
    Order number: 1 608 190 007

Technical data

Additional data

No-load speed 2,500 – 5,000 rpm
Weight excl. battery 4.3 kg
Guide rail compatible Yes
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GKS 18V-68 GC

GKS 18V-68 GC Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The GKS 18V-68 GC Professional saw delivers cordless flexibility with corded power. This powerful 18 V BITURBO Brushless tool offers an exceptionally strong performance equal to corded 1,800 W saws, yet providing complete manoeuvrability and cordless freedom. The saw´s outstanding ergonomics and innovative auxiliary handle enable ideal tool control in all cutting positions. Equipped with a comfortable and intuitive depth adjustment, this tool enables the ultimate simplicity when cutting.

Equipment & Application

It is perfect for use in wood and wooden composites. Use this saw with the Bosch Click & Clean dust extraction system, dustbags, connectivity module GCY 42, and FSN guide rails. It is compatible with all Bosch Professional 18 V batteries and chargers (Professional 18V System). For maximum power, use ProCORE18V ≥ 8.0 Ah.

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